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Some campers enjoying the food that they made during the outdoor cooking lesson!
Some campers enjoying the food that they made during the outdoor cooking lesson!

Let the Games Begin!

We are so excited for all of the fun our campers will have at Hans Jensen Day Camp at Lake Sammamish State Park! This summer we are going for the gold  with our “Summer Games at Hans Jensen” theme. Along with fun activities and lessons, campers will have different themes each day of the week that reflect the spirit of the Olympic Games!

Summer Fun at Hans Jensen

Hans Jensen is located in Lake Sammamish State Park, a beautiful place for tons of fun summer activities. Throughout the week campers will take part in nature hikes, archery, arts and crafts, group games and more! Theme related activities and special guests are also something campers can look forward too. Make sure you check out this year’s ‘day of the week’ camp activities below!

Campers writing to Laughing Jake and Jill, the spirits who live in the woods at Hans Jensen Day Camp!
Writing to Laughing Jake and Jill, the “camp spirits” who live in the woods at Hans Jensen Day Camp!

Time to Show Your Spirit!

Monday: Declare Your Country and Color Day

The first day of Hans Jensen will feel like campers just entered the Olympic Games! Campers will attend an opening ceremony, while wearing the colors of their group’s country. Monday’s special activities will include crafting paper stars and working as a group to create their countries flag!

Tuesday: Olympic Color Day

On Tuesday campers will wear the colors of the Olympic Rings. These colors are blue, yellow, black, green and red. We will have a special guest this day that will teach our campers about silk screening and even how to make their own shirts that they can take home!

Campers finding their rhythm with special guest, Jamtown!
Finding rhythm with special guest, Jamtown!

Wednesday: Sports Day

On Sports Day campers will be asked to wear their favorite sports outfit, jersey or t-shirt!

We will have another special guest, Jamtown, who will present a hands-on rhythm event using small percussion instruments and drums for different countries around the world.  Some of this presentation will be scripted, but most of it will be improvised and based off of the energy and great ideas from the kids! This fun activity will encourage campers to express themselves using a variety of indigenous rhythm instruments, body movements and voice.

Tandy Leather is our second special guest on this day of camp, they will teach campers how to create designs on 3 inch leather rounds. Campers will also get to make their own tie dye shirt!

This is also our Overnight Day, an optional stay-over at the park for campers in 4th grade and up!

Campers learning about leather working hands on!
Campers getting a hands on lesson in leather working!

Thursday: Red, White & Blue Day/Crazy Hair Day

This day of Hans Jensen promises to be a wild one! Campers, come to camp with your craziest hairstyles, the crazier the better! Also, campers can show their spirit by wearing red, white and blue.

Friday: Closing Ceremony/Tie Dye Day

For the last day of camp we encourage campers to wear the tie dye or silk screening shirts they made! Before the closing ceremony they will get the chance to have some fun playing sports, enjoy a picnic and work on some crafts that they can take home and remember their time at camp by.

We have some very cute special guests for the last day of camp, we will be visited by the King County Search & Rescue Dogs! We will have one or two dogs come to camp with their handlers and teach campers which kind of dogs are good for search and rescue, how they are trained and what the procedure is when they go out on a search and rescue mission. They will demonstrate by having one of the staff members hide and then releasing the dogs to find them!

Come Join Us for a Week of Fun!

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