Camp Sealth has exciting news for those interested in Outdoor Education and renewable energy.  We recently received a grant through Puget Sound Energy to install a turbine and solar panel, as well as expand curriculum used with Environmental Education groups during the spring and fall. We have new units for classes that will directly use our space to teach about several different types of sustainable energy. The new material will start being used within the next couple of months and throughout the spring.

The turbine and solar panel will be up and ready around April of this year and will be used to power the marine touch tanks on the Boata Dock. This will allow students to see an actual example of real-life renewable energy use and apply what they learn about harvesting energy. We also have received supplies for hands on activities that will inspire creativity and imagination along with their scientific basis. Students will be able to build their own solar powered cars or boats to race in camp, construct a turbine to move water and other great activities. From these, students will be able to understand energy ranging from solar and wind power to biomass and tidal energy! They can participate in hands on activities to further their understanding about the use, harvesting and practicality of these forms of energy.

Sealth is thrilled to implement this new aspect of our program as early as next week with a local Vashon Island school, and then in full swing this spring with the schools coming to camp. We will make sure to get some pictures up in the next couple of weeks!