Giving Little Stars From Afar a Brighter Future – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

Once a week, gleeful groups of Little Stars stream into a classroom in Bothell, a church in Enumclaw and a community room in a Federal Way low-income apartment complex to sing songs with their parents, play games and make arts and crafts.

They practice their ABCs, counting to 10, raising their hand and waiting their turn — all things that help them get ready for kindergarten and give their parents ideas for fun and enriching activities at home.

Most are native Spanish speakers. Some in the Federal Way group are refugees from war-torn African nations.  No matter where they come from, these Little Stars know they are Camp Fire kids — and that they’re welcome here.

Because of generous donors like you and a grant from the United Way, groups like these give children who are new to the country access to early learning opportunities that might otherwise loom out of reach.

Parents who take part in these community outreach programs make their own strides, too. Two moms who participated the Enumclaw group years ago now lead it. Adriana Garcia and Maria Isabel Castellón also serve on the Enumclaw School District’s Latino Parenting Board.

Now more than ever, we are grateful that you share Camp Fire’s commitment to inclusion and the diversity of the youth and adults who participate and lead our programs.

You Can Help make it Happen!

We’re eager to give more children and families in low-income, immigrant and refugee communities the chance to have fun, grow and create special memories in a supportive atmosphere.

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