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“Camp Sealth became the one thing that brought me some stability, the one place where I felt like I could be authentic to whom I was, see the same people year after year. It anchored me emotionally. It had a profound impact on my life.”

Dear Camp Fire Friends: 

My family moved around a lot when I was young because of my father’s job in the airline industry. Every time I made a new group of friends at school, I’d have to say goodbye and start all over again wherever we moved.

You can imagine how rewarding it was for me to see my son Preston thrive as a Counselor-In-Training this past summer. Navigating this pandemic has been difficult for us all. But, it has been especially hard for our youth. As Camp Sealth celebrated its historic 100th summer, I was so grateful to hear all the stories about campers reconnecting to each other and beginning to heal together.

In all, we welcomed more than 3,000 youth back to Camp Sealth this summer — without a single case of COVID!

As President of Camp Fire’s Board of Directors, I am incredibly proud of our staff, volunteers, youth, and families for their dedication to keeping everyone at Camp Sealth safe and healthy all summer long. I’m convinced we couldn’t have kept Camp 100% COVID-free if it hadn’t been for all the staff we were able to keep employed throughout the pandemic. Our generous donors made all this possible.

“We have a unique opportunity this holiday season to pay it forward for future generations of Camp Fire youth and families. I invite you to join me and my family in making a special year-end holiday gift honoring Camp Sealth’s Centennial.”

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A lot has changed since 1921, Camp Sealth’s first summer on Vashon, yet many of the principles and traditions that guided us in the 1920s still ring true to its core values today.

In 1920, Camp Sealth became the first interracial [LG1] camp for girls in Washington state. In 1939, Camp Sealth partnered with Virginia Mason Hospital and the Diabetic Trust Fund to offer the first overnight camp in the Pacific Northwest for youth with diabetes, a condition that often excluded children from summer camp because it can be difficult for children to manage it without their parents’ help. In 1978, Camp Sealth welcomed boys to camp and immediately became a leader in offering coeducational resident camping experiences.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, Camp Sealth continued its tradition of leadership by offering special support for youth with social, emotional, and physical special needs. This gave youth who had been historically denied camp experiences the opportunity to participate fully in summer camp. Camp Sealth also was one of the first camps in our area to provide a safe and equitable camp experience for LGBTQ+ youth and staff.

Your year-end gift to Camp Fire will serve as a powerful statement that you value our roots in the forefront of change and inclusion.

Give Today so the next century of youth and families can make their own memories at this magical place.

Give Today to help us step up our outreach to families of color and low-income communities, offering more financial aid.

Give Today because of all that Camp Fire has given to countless young people and families over the last century.

Wishing you a peaceful and joyous holiday season!

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Chuck Lasco
Board President, Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

P.S. We need you to support the next century of Camp Fire kids this holiday season! Make your tax-deductible gift by December 31st. 

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