No, not Lady Gaga!

Visitors to camp have been greeted by this sign recently:

Which has now been transformed into our very own Gaga pit!

Thanks to a lot of hard work by a lot of amazing people, Camp Sealth has a functioning Gaga pit for the upcoming summer season. If you’re like most people, you’re probably thinking, “What is a Gaga pit, exactly?” Most of us here at camp don’t know the answer to that yet — we haven’t had a chance to play — but there are several staff members well acquainted with the game. More prevalent on the East coast, Gaga is an adaptation of dodgeball played inside octagonal walls (hence, the pit!). Here is a link to its Wikipedia page if you are interested reading more details.

Turbo, one of our Assistant Camp Directors, brought the idea for the Gaga Pit with him from Philadelphia this spring. Having worked at camps where Gaga was all the rage, he decided to build a playing field here in the hopes that Sealth campers would also enjoy the game.

With the hard work of Turbo, our early spring NCCC team (Gold One), as well as our facilities managers, Pipeline and Egon, the Gaga pit is complete and ready for play! Not a moment too soon, either — staff training starts on Friday, and campers will be here soon. Here is a shot of one of the foundation posts of the Gaga pit: in tribute to NCCC’s hard work. Thanks to everyone who helped get this project off the ground!