Featured Volunteers: Diana & Carol – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

A Lifelong Friendship Forged at Day Camp!

We are thrilled to introduce Diana & Carol who volunteer their time and talents together as co-site directors at our Tall Timbers Day Camp.

“I grew up at Tall Timbers and have gone every summer since I was born. It’s where I met my best friend Carol. Tall Timbers is such a special place for me; I felt I could just be me and do things I couldn’t do anywhere else! I was overjoyed when Carol and I were asked to be site directors! It’s an honor and so much fun to go to camp each summer.”

                                                                                                                                                                             – Diana

Camp Names:

Volunteers Diana & Carol
Diana (right) and Carol all dressed up during one of Tall Timber’s theme days!

Diana: Fwomp
Carol: Rain


Both ladies hail from Federal Way.

How many years have you attended Tall Timbers?

Diana: More than 30 years
Carol: 18 years

Favorite Part of Day Camp:

Diana: The people – the campers and staff creating unique memories together!
Carol: The kids’ laughter!

Favorite Camp Food:

Carol: Foil Dinners
Diana: Pie Iron Pizza

Favorite Camp Song:

Carol & Diana: Swiss Boy

Favorite Activity:

Carol: Kids Singing
Diana: Writing letters to the camp mascot – Sammy the Sasquatch

Favorite Game:

Diana: Human Knot

Favorite Camp Tradition:

Carol: Making new friends
Diana: Friday closing ceremony especially the Bucket & Slug Races

Other Favorites:

Diana: Silk Screening

“I attended Tall Timbers as a child and I absolutely loved it! I moved up to a junior staff and eventually to a counselor position and now I am thrilled to be a site director with my best friend Diana. Plus, our children are continuing the Camp Fire tradition and attend the camp now also just like Diana and I did. How great is that?”                                                                                                                                                                           – Carol

Thank you Carol & Diana!

Please join us in thanking them for for their incredible support of our Day Camp!

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