Featured Volunteer: Shena Rodgers – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

In celebration of Volunteer Appreciation Week April 12th – 18th, we are featuring some of our amazing Camp Fire volunteers! Our programs rely heavily on the time and talents of our volunteers. In the last year alone 626 adults and 741 youth donated more than 93,263 hours to Camp Fire!

We are pleased to introduce Featured Volunteer Shena who has been volunteering for Camp Fire for nearly 20 years as a Group Co-Leader!

Shena RodgersHow long have you been volunteering/involved with Camp Fire?

I’ve been volunteering as a Group Co-Leader with Amy DeVore since September 1996. My niece Ryan had just joined a brand new Des Moines group of K-1st graders and the leader needed an assistant to help with the meetings. Her mother told Amy, “My sister can do that!” I had just come back from my first overseas trip visiting some of our dad’s family for the first time and was thinking that I needed a volunteer opportunity. It was a perfect fit to be able to spend time with my niece as well as volunteer with youth which has been a long-time passion of mine.

What are your favorite Camp Fire memories?

It’s has been such an amazing experience to watch the kids who started out as K-2nd graders transform into thoughtful, compassionate, and engaging teenagers!  I feel privileged knowing that in some small way I have helped them become independent and strong young women who will go on to contribute positively to the world around them.
Shena Rodger's GroupWhy do you volunteer for Camp Fire?

Camp Fire has been a great way for me to be able to connect with my larger community. I strongly believe in the adage that “it takes a village to raise a child” and I’m happy that I can be part of the Camp Fire Village! I have also had the pleasure of meeting and connecting with other Camp Fire volunteers.  I have been delighted to work with so many of them who give so much of their time and energy to Camp Fire’s youth. Many continue to volunteer in some capacity even after their own children or groups’ participants complete the program.

“Shena is completely dedicated to helping make Camp Fire youth tomorrow’s leaders.  She is always ready with a game or clever physical activity to keep the kids active especially on hikes and outdoor outings! She gets passionately involved in all Camp Fire activities and has so many wonderful ideas. She is truly a gem, not only a terrific group co-leader but a wonderful friend.”

– Amy DeVore, Fellow Volunteer

Thank you Shena!

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