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Helping Create Caring, Confident Youth and Future Leaders!

We are excited to introduce one of our amazing volunteers, Shannon! She has been volunteering at Camp Fire Day Camps for 22 years! This summer she will be generously volunteering as a Site Director at Carkeek 1 Day Camp!

Shannon aka Cheer Bear!
Shannon aka Cheer Bear!

Camp Name:

Cheer Bear


Seattle, WA

Favorite Part About Day Camp:

Her favorite moments at camp are in the mornings when she first arrives and is able to look across the meadow and see the different groups having fun together. She enjoys seeing them playing games in the field, chatting on their group blankets, heading to arts and crafts or to the beach. The most special part to her is that everyone is there for a common reason, to have fun in a safe place with trusted teens and adults, making new friends and trying new things.

Why Does Shannon Choose to Volunteer at Day Camp?

When Shannon was a camper, she was heavily influenced and inspired by her Camp Fire leader. That leader invested in her in ways she didn’t understand at the time, but always holding the then- Camp Fire’s motto of creating caring, confident youth and future leaders. When Shannon was in 8th grade she was invited by Karen Aoyama to volunteer at day camp and she said yes. She is now 34 and hasn’t missed a year of camp since the day she first volunteered. She says that every year she goes back and learns more about herself, gains new skills and is challenged to try things that are outside of her comfort zone.  Shannon hasn’t missed a year because she has a passion for investing what Karen has done for her, into the youth, and she gets to witness the kids getting opportunities that they normally might not have without day camps like Camp Fire’s. She loves the people that she is able to work with, as well as the culture and traditions they share at camp. Shannon’s sister has also started to volunteer and she brings her kids, Shannon is thrilled to have a few special campers who are able to call her “Auntie Cheer Bear”!


Carkeek Day Camp Egg Drop
Carkeek Day Camp Egg Drop in Action!

Favorite Camp Food:

Ice Cream

Favorite Camp Song:

The Banana Song

Favorite Camp Activity:

Shannon enjoys hiking and walking on the beach!

Favorite Camp Game:


Favorite Camp Tradition:

The Egg Drop, which is always a fun challenge for campers! The kids are put into small teams and their goal is to build a contraption that will keep an egg safe from a 75 foot drop off a aerial ladder! This tradition is not only exciting, but it helps our campers build critical thinking and teamwork skills!

Thank you for your outstanding commitment to Camp Fire!

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