Featured Volunteer: Hillary U – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

In celebration of Volunteer Appreciation Week April 12th – 18th, we are featuring some of our amazing Camp Fire volunteers! Our programs rely heavily on the time and talents of our volunteers. In the last year alone 626 adults and 741 youth donated more than 93,263 hours to Camp Fire!

We are pleased to introduce Featured Volunteer & Camp Fire Board Member Hillary! Hillary is an incredible advocate for Camp Fire who is always eager to share her many talents with us.

hillary uHow long have you been volunteering/involved with Camp Fire?

I have been involved with Camp Fire since 1995 when my mother started a Camp Fire Group. She was a co-leader with another mother. Our group stayed together for the next 12 years, until we graduated from High School. In addition to participating in Group Program, I volunteered in middle/high school as a counselor at Carkeek Day Camp. I was also a member of Camp Fire’s National Youth Advisory Cabinet from 2007-2009 and then came onto the board in 2013.

What are your favorite Camp Fire memories?

I have very fond memories from my Camp Fire Group especially of earning badges, beads and my WoHeLo Award which I am very proud of.  My mother handmade my ceremonial gown entirely of silk! I also really enjoyed the quality time I spent with my dad at Camp Sealth’s Dad/Kid Weekend.

Hillary WoHeLo

Why do you volunteer for Camp Fire?

Camp Fire provided me with so many opportunities to build my leadership skills, make friends and spend time with my family. I like to think that my ambitions have largely been because of the hard work and skill it took to be a part of the group program. Earning those badges and beads and selling candy taught me so many things about being assertive, working hard and believing in yourself. I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for the opportunities that were afforded to me and I now feel so lucky to have the capacity to give back to Camp Fire through my time as a board member.

Anything else you would like to share?

I think the most important thing about Camp Fire, for me, is that it was a place where everyone could be themselves. I always felt welcomed and the memories I have of being outdoors, hiking and spending time at Camp Sealth are so precious to me. One day I hope to pass down these same experiences to my future children.

“Hillary has served Camp Fire both national and locally, and wherever she has volunteered she has always proven that one person acting in unison with other like-minded individuals can always make a positive difference in our world.”

– Rick Taylor, Executive Director

Thank you Hillary!

We are always looking for additional Camp Fire board members. Learn more about joining our board!

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