Featured Volunteer: Erin – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

Ready for Another Summer of Fun!

Meet our next Featured Volunteer, Erin. She is excited to once again take the lead at Carkeek Park 4 for another summer!

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Camp Name:

Princess Dot

Favorite Things About Day Camp?

I love how Day Camp allows me to be outside, make new friends, and learn new things from Miss Marty!

Why Do You Volunteer?

I have participated in Camp Fire Day Camps for many years.  I love Camp Fire because it is a coed, inclusive space for all types of families and kids. In Camp Fire we focus on learning and community. Those values are very important to me.

How Have You Seen Camp Fire Day Camp Impact a Child?

One year, we had a new camper family who were concerned because their child refused to change out of a dress they had been wearing around the house. This child had a traditionally masculine name, so when they showed up at camp in a dress, there was some confusion among the other first graders.  I sat with the group and we discussed physical traits and gender – pink/blue, short hair/long hair, dresses/pants – and afterwards the group decided that boys and girls can have either of these traits. The child was then able to spend the whole week, playing with their new friends, without incident.  It was truly wonderful to see the campers support this newcomer and I loved providing a safe space for families to express themselves without judgment or fear.

Favorite Camp Food:

Box Oven Pizzas

Favorite Camp Song:

Purple Lights

Favorite Camp Activity:

Arts and Crafts – Especially crafts that have to do with Ku beads

Favorite Camp Game

Capture the Flag

Favorite Tradition at Camp

CIT graduation, as well as writing letters to Polly and Patrick, the Carkeek Park Day Camp spirits!

Other Favorites:

The overnight at Day Camp when we did Jet City Improv!

“Carkeek Park is a really special place–trains that go by, a protected wetlands area, wooded hikes, beach access with critters–but it is also home to wonderful friends who make lifetime memories. Please come join us this year as we turn off our TVs and other devices and enjoy learning, experience nature, and have fun.”

Thank you, Erin!

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