Featured Volunteer: Carson – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

Excited for New Opportunities!

Carson couldn’t be more excited to be the Site Director for all five sessions of Horizon Elementary Day Camp this summer! This will be his first summer as a Site Director, but he has plenty of experience at camp, as he has been involved with overnight camps for 10 summers now.

Learn more about Horizon Elementary Day Camp and check out this year’s crazy themes that Carson has created for you all!

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Camp Name:

Canadia – I hail from Illinois, but I once managed to convinced campers that I was from Canada, hence the camp name “Canadia” was born!

Favorite Parts About Day Camp?

Camp left an everlasting impression on me as a young child. For the past ten summers I have been involved in camp in some aspect. Camp has shown me that it’s okay to be myself. Camp is a safe place where youth and staff are able to go on a journey of self discovery. Whether you’ve attended camp for ten summers or just one, it leaves such a profound impression on you.

Why Do You Volunteer? Are You Involved in Camp Fire in Other Ways?

I am currently serving as the Community Program Coordinator, and a large part of my job is working with youth during the school year. I love bringing the magic of camp over to the programs that I work for.

Carson enjoying time with his sisters at camp

How Have You Seen Day Camp Impact a Child?

One of the most satisfying moments as a youth development professional is seeing the transformation of a child that arrives at camp upset or nervous, and by the end of their week at camp their view on camp has completely changed and they don’t want to leave.

Why is Camp so Important?

Camp has a wonderful way of bringing people together and providing them with opportunities for personal growth and development. I encourage campers and staff to take what they have learned at camp and share it with others. We have the power to share the wonderful things that happen at camp with people outside of our internal community!

Favorite Camp Food:

Chicken patties and french fries

Favorite Camp Song:

Boom Chicka Boom

Favorite Camp Activity:

Color Wars and singing around the camp fire

The crazy Camp Sealth Leadership Team from 2015

Favorite Camp Game:

Cat and Mouse and Speed Friending

Favorite Camp Tradition:

Candlelight Dinner

Any Other Favorites?

I love to sit and talk with campers! Getting to know each of them is one of my favorite things to do at camp!

Thank You, Carson!

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