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Ready to Kick-Off Summer #10!

Splash with her campers!
Splash with her campers!

Meet our next Featured Staff, Splash! Splash has been attending and working at Camp Sealth for 9 years now! She is currently a KA Rover, but in the past she has been a LEAD and CIT. We are excited to have Splash with us again this summer and can’t wait to watch her earn her 10 Year Plaque! Thank you for all of the hard work and dedication you have given at Camp Sealth, Splash!

Where is Splash From?

Seattle, WA.

Camp Favorites:

Splash snowshoeing in a winter wonderland!
Splash snowshoeing in a winter wonderland!

Splash loves absolutely everything about Camp Sealth! If she had to choose one favorite, she loves being a part of the great camp community the most.

Favorite Foods:

Grasshopper Brownies, a chewy chocolate brownie with mint frosting! Although the name may be deceiving, they are a tasty and beloved treat at camp!

Favorite Camp Song to Sing:

The Crawdad Song

Favorite Activity:

The Challenge Course, a fun way to work as a team, build individual confidence and foster communication skills in our cabin groups.

Favorite Game:

Corn Dog

Favorite Trail:


Welcome Back, Splash!

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