Featured Staff: Smiles – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound
Smiles enjoying time on the beach.
Smiles enjoying time on the beach!

Ready to get outside and explore!

Smiles is no stranger to Camp Sealth – she has been attending and working at camp for 12 years! Throughout her time at Camp Sealth, she has gotten the opportunity to experience working all around camp. This year she is excited to be a Teen Leadership Counselor!

Where is Smiles From?

Sammamish, Washington. She is originally from Oregon.

Camp Favorites:

Smiles loves that Camp Sealth gives her the opportunity to get outside and explore. She believes that camp is an adventure that truly helps youth discover who they are and teaches them that they can become anyone they want to be!

She also loves overnights and believes that there is nothing better than roasting bacon over the fire!

Favorite Foods:

She loves Peach Cobbler!

Favorite Games:

Ratlan Bog and the Circle Game.

Favorite Activity:

Smiles loves practicing her aim at the archery range!

Favorite Game:

Smiles has an unusual and exciting favorite game! She loves the fun and humor of finding things at camp before she realizes that she has misplaced them, always a great surprise!

Favorite Trail:

She loves the challenging YVC trail, which is a steep and challenging trail that has many switchbacks.  YVC connects Main Camp to Wrangler.

“To me there is nothing better than a summer spent with scrapes and tan lines helping kids have the most magical and meaningful week and I can’t wait to do it again!”


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