Trip Counselor, Shivver!
Trip Counselor, Shivver!

Ready for Another Adventurous Summer!

Meet our next Featured Staff, Shivver, who will be spending his second summer as a Trip Counselor! In the past he has held a handful of jobs including Nature Specialist and Outback. Welcome back, Shivver!

Where is Shivver From?

Kenai, Alaska

Favorite Food:

He really loves eggs!

Favorite Game:

Where’s my water bottle?

Favorite Song:

Big River by Tony Profitt

Favorite Activity:


Favorite Trail:

Eagle Creek, in the Columbia Gorge.

What are Adventure Camps?

Adventure Camps are a great way for campers, grades 7-10, to explore the Pacific Northwest in a variety of different locations and experience new things.  Backpacking, rock climbing, river rafting and exploring the natural setting of the Puget Sound are just a few of the fun activities. We asked Shivver to share with us some of his favorite aspects of our Adventure Camps! Thanks Shivver!

What Makes Adventure Camp Special?

Campers who go on trips get to do extra things beyond what classic campers experience. They learn things like outdoor cooking, map reading, rationing food, and setting up camp. While out on trips, campers help make decisions for the group, and then themselves, which teaches responsibility. Kids are provided the setting to think for themselves, and the opportunity to take charge. They learn what it’s like to care for others by carrying gear, and helping with chores, such as dinner, dishes, and setting up tents. We do amazing, difficult things that build kids into caring, hard working, and dependable people.

“My favorite part of camp is I’m always going somewhere. Both literally and metaphorically. There’s always something going on, and something to learn.”


Just a Few Spots Left – Join the Adventure Camp Fun!

Learn about our upcoming trips this summer and grab one of the last spots!

whitewater raftCascades In Action:

Cascades In Action  is an ideal camp for those who love the outdoors and are up for a good challenge! Campers will spend three nights camping in the beautiful North Cascades, taking short day hikes near the campsite and learning outdoor cooking. One day will be spent surrounded by beautiful mountains and scenery while rafting on the Skagit River! Cascades In Action is offered to youth, grades 8-10.  All activities are beginner level and include instruction.

teens canoeingAdventurers:

Adventurers has a little bit of everything! This is a great camp for those who want to experience Classic Camp, but also want to try something new. During Adventurers Camp, campers will take a field trip to a local climbing gym for rock climbing, experience an extended Camp Sealth challenge course, a one hour horse ride around camp and an overnight canoe trip! Adventurers is offered to youth, grades 7-9. All activities are beginner level and include instruction.

horseback riding at Camp SealthAdventurers 2.0:

Adventurers 2.0 takes adventuring to the next level! This camp offers an exciting week in Eastern Washington. Campers will camp out along side Lake Wenatchee in the evenings after days filled with rafting on the Wenatchee River, day hikes near the campsite, rock climbing in an indoor gym, horseback riding and more! Adventurers 2.0 is offered to youth, grades 8-10. All activities are beginner level and will include instruction.

Barclay Lake Backpacking:

Adventure Camps from Camp SealthBarclay Lake Backpacking is a a great trip for beginners who want to experience and learn about backpacking! For two days and nights, campers will explore back country, taking small hikes during the day and camping out overnight. After two days away, campers will return to Camp Sealth and get the Classic Camp experience with activities such as the challenge course, arts and crafts, archery and more! Barclay Lake Backpacking is offered to you, grades 8-10.  Youth will be hiking 3-4 miles each day while wearing their backpacking packs (about 20 pounds).

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