Featured Staff: Scottie "Sconcho" – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound


Scottie “Sconcho” Grimes will be joining us this summer as one of our counselors! Scottie is new as a staff member to us this summer, but has been to Sealth before as a member of one of our Americorps NCCC teams last spring and is looking

What’s your name?

Scottie Grimes, or Sconcho for the summer.

Where are you from?

This question always trips me up! Technically, I lived in Virginia the longest, so I reckon that’s where I’m from. However, I will be flying to you all from Philadelphia, where I have been since August. As a safe answer, I am from Everywhere, USA.

What’s your job at Camp Sealth this summer? Are you looking forward to anything about it particular?

This summer at Camp I will be a counselor, AKA the most awesome-tastic job in the known universe!

As of now, I think that I am just looking forward to being on Vashon in general. My AmeriCorps NCCC team worked at Sealth last spring, and I got to experience life as an EE. I fell in love with the island, the environment, the camp, the wonderful people…June cannot come quickly enough for me!

What do you do when you’re not at camp?

Hmm…with me, it always varies. Last year when I wasn’t at camp I was in AmeriCorps NCCC traveling up and down the West coast helping out different nonprofits. This year while I am not at camp I am here at City Year Greater Philadelphia, ensuring that my class of precious seventh graders improves their math and literacy skills and graduates next year. And next year when I’m not at camp I will be in Portland, Oregon for school and hopefully work.

What’s your favorite food to eat at camp?

Duh! S’mores and open-fire popcorn!  Then again, those banana boats were pretty delish too…

If you could be cabinmates with any person, living or dead, who would it be?

I would love to be cabinmates with Uncle Wigglebottom.  In fact, I think I just want his Cabin. That’d be solid.

If you were an animal, what animal would you be? Why? 

Just one? I would be a goose. But, more specifically, I would be Andy and Sandy, the two geese that my team named last year (although Shamrock says their names are Henrietta and Chandler). Why would I want to be them? Duh, they get to kick it outside of Lowershut all day long!

Tell us a camp story, or one of your fondest camp memories:

So, my fondest Camp Sealth memory would have to be last year as an EE. The Amazing Race, for sure. I remember not knowing what on Earth to even expect, but I was challenged in every way and have the coolest stories to tell because of it. Trying to start a fire in the slight drizzle that was starting to come down, finding the right toilet paper for Wrangler, pretending like we were in the Hunger Games…such good times. And, out of four teams, my team came in third. Go Team Tye-bow!

What does camp mean to you?

Camp—or, more specifically, Camp Sealth—is synonymous to Happiness, which I strongly believe everyone deserves to have. By spending a summer at the best place I know of to spend a summer, I will not only be teaching, guiding, and providing Happiness to the kids who step onto that dock, but I will also be constantly reminded myself of what Happiness truly is, as it will be all around us. Happiness Is…Camp Sealth!

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