Featured Staff: Outdoor Education and Retreats Team – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

What an exciting time at Camp Sealth! The outdoor education and retreats crew are in the second half of their spring training, which consists of learning about local marine and forest habitats, gaining their certifications in archery and the low ropes challenge course, as well as preparing for our upcoming schools and retreat groups! These staff members live on site with 1.5 miles of beachfront and nearly 400 acres to explore and will spend their days teaching classes and leading activities.

This year’s crew comes from a variety of past experiences and we asked them to share a little about themselves:

Will a.k.a. Gannon:

Hometown: Kalama, WA

Childhood dream job: Marine Zoologist

Favorite Animal: Raccoon or Great White Shark

Fun Facts: Once won a scholarship for tap-dancing.

Come talk to me about … The importance of movies in pop culture, Pokemon or football

Andy a.k.a Finn:

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Childhood dream job: Architect

Favorite Animal: Any species of whale

Fun Facts: Once volunteered as an Avian Field Technician and toured in a band for a few summers

Come talk to me about … Making music, local plants and animals, or anything you’re passionate about!

Josh a.k.a. Hektor:

Hometown: Bozeman, MT

Childhood dream job: Cryptozoologist

Favorite Animal: Bears!

Fun Facts: Is allergic to garlic.

Come talk to me about … Reptiles, American football, or literally anything.

Andrew a.k.a. Magi:

Hometown: Fort Collins, CO

Childhood dream job : Astronaut

Favorite Animal: Owl

Fun Facts: Went to Magic Camp.

Come talk to me about … Astronomy, Desert Ecology and cooking

Thank You, EE Team!

As spring goes on and the season progresses, the team will be joined by additional staff members. They are so excited to get into their jobs and share the wonderful space that is Camp Sealth with our spring schools coming in for Outdoor Education, as well as our retreat and rental groups.

Learn more about being on the Outdoor Education team and apply today!