K/A Rover, Loaf!

Ready for Summer Fun!

Loaf has been at Camp Sealth for 7 years! This summer she will be a KA/Rover. Loaf has also been a CIT and LEAD at camp.

Where is Loaf From?

Seattle, WA.

Camp Favorites:

She loves everything about summer at Camp Sealth! A few of her favorite things include the people, friendships that are created, singing around the campfire and making friendship bracelets!

Favorite Foods:

Loaf loves Grasshopper Brownies and Veggie Nuggets! Grasshopper Brownies are a popular choice around Camp Sealth. They are delicious chocolate brownies topped with mint frosting!

Favorite Song:

Crawdad Song

Favorite Activity:

Loaf enjoys using her creativity while doing arts and crafts!

Favorite Game:

The Rock Game

Favorite Trail:

Her favorite hike is the YVC, which is a steep and challenging trail that has many switchbacks.

Other Favorites:

One of Loaf’s favorite places at Camp Sealth is the Palmer House because of the beautiful view!

Welcome Back, Loaf!

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