KA/Rover, Juniper, out on an adventure!
KA/Rover, Juniper, out on an adventure!

Ready to Meet New Friends!

Meet our next Featured Staff, Juniper, who will be returning to Camp Sealth for the 8th time! She has previously worked at camp as a LEAD and this summer she will be a KA/Rover!

Where is Juniper From?

Seattle, WA.

Camp Favorites:

Juniper’s favorite part about camp is that she is able to meet so many new people from all around the world. She loves the friendships she is able to create while spending summers at Camp Sealth!

Favorite Food(s):

The Salad Canoe and Grasshopper Brownies!

Favorite Song:

Wanaughten Chu

Favorite Activity:

Paddle Boarding

Favorite Game:

Gaga Ball or Riddles

Other Favorites:

Juniper loves the beautiful camp sunsets on the water!

Welcome Back, Juniper!

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