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Jojo with favorite horse Ladybug at Camp Sealth
Jojo with favorite horse Ladybug at Camp Sealth

Ready for anything at Camp Sealth!

Meet our featured staff member, Jojo! This will be Jojo’s second year working at Camp Sealth. Last year was her first year experiencing all that camp has to offer, she referred to it as “craziness”! Jojo was on riding staff for our Wrangler Horse Camps and this year she will be a counselor. We are excited to have Jojo back with us this summer at Camp Sealth!

Where is Jojo From?

Dublin, Ireland

Camp Favorites:

Jojo loves the opportunities Camp Sealth gives her, especially since she doesn’t have these opportunities in Ireland. She loves everything about camp! Her favorites are Picnic Dinner, Wail Lunch and porch singing!

Favorite Foods:

Goodbye Breakfast’s waffles and cream! What’s better than a tasty breakfast to end camp? The Goodbye Breakfast is a fun time where campers and counselors reflect and share their fun stories of camp all while enjoying Belgian waffles, strawberries, whipped cream, and the ever favorite… bacon!

Belgian Waffles, Bacon, and Fruit at Camp Sealth
Belgian Waffle Goodbye Breakfast

Favorite Camp Song to Sing:

Your Mama Don’t Wear No Socks

Favorite Activity:

Porch singing is Jojo’s all time favorite activity! Another favorite is horseback riding.

Favorite Game:


Favorite Trail:

The Trail of Happy Feet is her favorite. Jojo also has a love hate relationship with YVC – a steep hike with lots of switchbacks between Main Camp and Wrangler.

Welcome Back Jojo!

Jojo can’t wait to experience being a counselor at Camp Sealth, and she is counting down the days! So are we, Jojo!

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