Dahila at Camp Sealth unaware of a sneaky staff member!
Dahlia at Camp Sealth unaware of a sneaky staff member!

Ready to Reconnect at Camp!

This will be Dahlia’s 9th summer at Camp Sealth! A few of those years have been spent working as an Intern in 2013, a KA/Rover in 2014 and a General Counselor last summer. We are excited to welcome her back again this year as she returns as a General Counselor!

Where is Dahlia from?

West Seattle, WA

Camp Favorites:

It’s hard for Dahlia to narrow down her favorite things about camp, but if she had to choose just one she would say the campers. She loves seeing them return every year and is always excited to hear about their past experiences at camp.

Favorite Food:

Either spaghetti with garlic bread or build your own burrito!

Favorite Song:

Darlin’ Won’t You Wait

Favorite Activity:

Dahlia loves practicing her aim at the archery range and exploring the beach.

“It’s the best feeling in the world… To be in a place where I know I can be myself without judgement and that it’s encouraged to be enthusiastic and have fun.”



Welcome Back, Dahlia!

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