Featured Staff: Chip – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

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Michael McGrath, better known as ‘Chip”, is one of our featured staff for the month. Chip joined us last year as a Kitchen Assistant/Rover, and will be returning this summer to be a counselor!

Where ya from my buddy?

Tacoma, WA, currently living in the beautiful food town of Bellingham.

What position will you be in for the summer, and what are you looking forward to about it?

I’m awesomely lucky to get to be a counselor this summer. To really be able to build a relationship with each and every one of my campers, and getting to do archery all the time.

What’s going on for you right now up in Bellingham?

When not at camp, I major in anthropology at college, I also work at Teavana!

What’s your favorite camp meal?

Pie Iron Pizzas!! I have been craving them hardcore for the past few weeks. And Gummy Bears.

If you could be cabinmates with any person, living or dead, who would it be?

Mindy Kaling… or Amy Poehler… or Daenerys Targaryen… or Sherlock Holmes.

Tell us a favorite or one of your fondest camp memories from your summers here:

My fondest memory is session one last year, during the Fourth of July, when we made cardboard boats and set them ablaze, that with the sunset and the greatest people was a memory that always makes me miss camp every day!

What does camp mean to you?

Camp, to me, means a place where people from all walks of life can come together and build a beautiful community for kids as unique as us. Camp teaches us equality, leadership, fairness, and friendship and I love it oh so much.

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