Camp Sealth Lifeguards
Buzz, right, with Camp Sealth Lifeguard crew!

Spending Summer Days on the Water at Camp Sealth!

Meet our next featured staff, Buzz! Short for Buzz Lightyear, this will be her 11th summer at Camp Sealth. Buzz has grown up at camp, attending as a camper before becoming part of our Teen Leadership program and then full summer staff as a KA/Rover, Waterfront Specialist, and a Kiwanis Counselor. This summer she’ll be a Waterfront Specialist again, soaking up the summer sun on the beautiful beaches of Camp Sealth.

Where is Buzz from?

Seattle, Washington

What is your favorite part about camp?

My favorite part about camp is seeing campers and staff grow as individuals through challenging themselves to try new things and stepping out of their comfort zones.

Favorite Camp Food:

Picnic Dinner!

Favorite Camp Activity:

Paddle boarding and/or sailing!

Favorite Camp Trail:


Favorite Camp Song:

Super California Surfer

Teepee & Yurts in the Kiwanis Unit

What is Kiwanis Camp?

Kiwanis Camp is all about the water! Campers spend the week living in our teepee unit and take time each day to try something out on the water. Activities might include sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing, and windsurfing on any given day. We asked Buzz to share with us some of the best parts of this fun program that we’ve included below. Thank you Buzz for sharing with us about yourself and Kiwanis Camp!

Sailing in Kiwanis Camp at Camp Sealth

What makes Kiwanis Camp unique?

Kiwanis has lots of new opportunities to offer to our campers. While in Kiwanis we still enjoy traditional camp activities, we also kind of put our own spin on things. Instead of living in cabins near main camp, we get to live in teepees and hang out in the beautiful Kiwanis Lodge, which is about a 15 minute walk from main camp, just past waterfront. There is no electricity in the Kiwanis unit; the lights in the lodge are run off of solar panels and we have (really nice) composting toilets. While the idea of staying in this unit is intimidating at first, it really is a unique and rewarding experience.

Our overnights in Kiwanis also differ from classic camp. Instead of hiking up the hill to spend one night in a campsite in upper camp, we canoe to Lisabeula, a park on Vashon Island not too far away from Camp Sealth. Overnights at Lisabeula are a lot of fun and are always a great bonding experience for the group.

Paddle boarding kiwanis

What is one of the best parts about Kiwanis Camp?

I think is one of the best parts about it is that we get to spend a couple hours every day at waterfront. Waterfront is my favorite thing about camp and I love seeing kids enjoy it just as much as I do. In classic camp, you typically only visit the waterfront two or three times a session; once for swim checks and then again for an activity. Since we go to waterfront every day in Kiwanis, it gives the kids a chance to try all of our waterfront activities and the Kiwanis bonus of sailing and windsurfing.

Like Classic Camp, campers who sign up for Kiwanis don’t need any previous experience in any waterfront activities, however the amount of time we spend there gives our campers the chance to improve the new skills they have learned and the chance to explore a new interest even further. We teach many boating skills through what we call progressions. When you complete a progression, you earn a patch. Progressions can range from turning a canoe in a 360 degree spin to being goofy and singing the entirety of the “Penguin Song” on a paddleboard without falling off (which I am really good at, by the way).

“No matter what amount of experience you may or may not have, you can come to camp and learn in a safe, positive environment surrounded by your peers.”


Catch some waves this summer!

This coming summer of 2016 features four sessions of Kiwanis Camp available to teens in 6th grade in up during Sessions 1, 4, 5 & 7. Hangout with Buzz on the waterfront and spend some summer days at the beach!

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