We are kicking off our first Featured Staff of the year with Birch! We are excited to welcome him back for his third year on staff. Read about him below!

Where are you from? 

Saint Paul, Minnesota

What’s your job at Camp Sealth this summer? What jobs have you held at Camp Sealth in the past?

This summer I will be a unit leader.  In the past I have been a challenge specialist and a counselor for Magic Hill boys.

What are you looking forward to most this summer?

Continuing to teach kids how to throw frisbees and the joys of Ultimate Frisbee!

If you could be a zookeeper for any animal, which would it be?

An ocelot – it’s like a cat but better.  All my cat owning friends would be so jealous.

If you could be an expert or professional at anything, what would it be?

Tough to decide between Ultimate Frisbee and professional plate spinning.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Condiment fingers.  It’d be like being Spiderman, but practical at mealtime.

What is your favorite part of a typical day of camp?

In general, I love being outside all day, absorbing the sun and world around me.  Specifically, field games are my favorite outdoor pastime.

What is your favorite camp memory or story?

I was once beaten in a distance throwing contest by a 9 year old on the first day of camp.  My campers reminded me of it all week.

What does camp mean to you?

Camp is a place where everyone can be themselves, bond with new (and old!) friends, enjoy nature, and have wholehearted fun.  Plus being a goofball is encouraged, which is my true identity.