Featured Staff: 7

7 found some awesome drift wood on the beach at Camp Sealth!

7 found a 7 on the beach!

Ready to Try New Things This Summer!

Our next Featured Staff, 7, is spending her summer at Camp Sealth as a General Counselor! In recent summers she has also been a KA/Rover and an Intern. This is 7’s 11th year attending Camp Sealth!

Where is 7 From?

Seattle, WA

Camp Favorites:

7 loves making new friends, stepping outside of her comfort zone, learning new things and working with the kids!

Favorite Food:

Berry Cobbler

Favorite Song:

The Turkey Song

Favorite Activity:


Favorite Game:

The Bee Game

Favorite Trail:


Other Favorites:

Making friendship bracelets.

Welcome Back to Camp Sealth, 7!

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