Featured Candy Sellers: The Shining Stars

Help The Shining Stars Reach Their Goal of 1,000 Boxes!

Group 1158, also known as The Shining Stars, has been together since the summer after they all finished the 1st grade. This year is their 10th year as a group, and all members are currently in 11th grade and at the Horizon level in Camp Fire Programs. All 7 members of The Shining Stars are currently working towards their WoHeLo Awards, they hope to complete them by next fall!

Even with the busy schedules that come with being in 11th grade, they still manage to come together once a month for some fun! Some of their favorite things to do at their group meetings include baking, volunteering at Day Camp and Camp Sealth events, as well as give service in the community. The Shining Stars love spending time together, eating Toquitos while laughing and enjoying each other’s company!

They enjoy selling candy to support Camp Fire programs. Through their hard work they have used their candy refunds to fully pay for each member to attend Camp Fire activities and events ever since their group started  after they finished the 1st grade!

“It’s harder to find time to sell as we get older, but we always find a way!”

How to Support The Shining Stars:

The Camp Fire Candy Sale will run from  January 27th – February 20th, 2017. The Shining Stars will out and about in their local communities for the Candy Sale. If you would like to support The Shining Stars, or other groups, you can credit their group while making online purchases. Make sure you check your confirmation email for a link that will allow you to credit your purchase to a Camp Fire group!

Buy Candy Online Here!

Group Programs:

Starting your own Camp Fire Group  is a great way for youth to learn fun curriculum, provided by Camp Fire, at their Group Meetings. Curriculum based activities include playing games, learning about the outdoors, cooking, science experiments, art projects, community service, and so much more!


Rebecca Bobko
Director of Community Programs
(206) 826-8934


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  1. If you want to buy candy from our group and are in the Seattle area, I would be happy to deliver to you, Please email me at hmandt@hotmail.com with the word candy in the subject line and I’ll arrange to get candy to you!! Hanna Mandt – leader

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