Help Support The Golden Griffins!

The Golden Griffins are a third year group made up of Star Flights and Little Stars, ranging in age from preschool to second grade. Even with school and their busy schedules, they always try to meet up once a month for some fun!

As a group they love learning new Camp Fire curriculum and working towards their emblems. One of their favorite meetings was when they went to the Cedar River Watershed Education Center in North Bend. There they learned about the water cycle and how Rattlesnake Lake was formed! After the lesson was over, they walked along the beach and helped clean it up while keeping their eyes out for animals. As a group they were able to help clean up multiple bags worth of trash, they even found a large bone and learned that it was most likely an elk femur!

A traditional project that The Golden Griffins look forward to each year is sending Valentine’s to Veterans. The group loves getting creative with their cards, as well as learning about their Veterans and having discussions.

The Golden Griffins say the best part about being a group is that after three years of working together they have become amazing friends and they can always count on each other. Even if they don’t get to see each other very often, when they do get together it’s as if nothing has changed!

“As a group leader I really enjoy seeing the kids come together as if no time has passed, sit around a circle and start singing one of our favorite songs. It’s not always easy to lead a group, but after every single meeting my energy is renewed, and I just love seeing our youth come together. We can see the fire being lit from within!”

Group Leader, Anne

How to Support The Golden Griffins:

The Camp Fire Candy Sale will run from  January 27th – February 20th, 2017. The Golden Griffins will out and about in their local communities for the Candy Sale. If you would like to support The Golden Griffins, or other groups, you can credit their group while making online purchases. Make sure you check your confirmation email for a link that will allow you to credit your purchase to a Camp Fire group!

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Group Programs:

Starting your own Camp Fire Group  is a great way for youth to learn fun curriculum, provided by Camp Fire, at their Group Meetings. Curriculum based activities include playing games, learning about the outdoors, cooking, science experiments, art projects, community service, and so much more!


Rebecca Bobko
Director of Community Programs
(206) 826-8934