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This is the Crazy Creative Cat’s second year of Camp Fire programs, as well as their second year selling candy! Most of the group consists of 5th graders, and they all go to the same school together. They have been working hard on their leadership skills for the past two years, learning how to plan and goal set, as well as techniques for selling candy!

The girl’s favorite part about being a group is getting out in the community. In the past they have worked at a food bank, taken an urban hike and visiting the Anne Frank exhibit downtown. As a group they love giving back to the community and are always eager to learn new things. One of their favorite community service projects last year was making dog and cat toys that they donated and delivered to the Humane Society.

Four of the girls attended Camp Sealth last year for Horse Camp and had a blast! They really enjoyed the boat ride to camp and loved the adventure of horseback riding. The Crazy Creative Cats are also inspired to help plan a camping trip, which they want to take this summer.

Lastly, the group doesn’t have much to do with cats… They just really liked the name!

How to Support The Crazy Creative Cats:

The Camp Fire Candy Sale will run from  January 27th – February 20th, 2017. The Crazy Creative Cats will out and about in their local communities for the Candy Sale. If you would like to support them, or other groups, you can credit their group while making online purchases. Make sure you check your confirmation email for a link that will allow you to credit your purchase to a Camp Fire group!

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Group Programs:

Starting your own Camp Fire Group  is a great way for youth to learn fun curriculum, provided by Camp Fire, at their Group Meetings. Curriculum based activities include playing games, learning about the outdoors, cooking, science experiments, art projects, community service, and so much more!


Rebecca Bobko
Director of Community Programs
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