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Help Loen Reach His Goal!

A Camp Fire member of the Benson Hill Knowledge Seekers for six years, Loen has set a goal of selling 1,000 units during this year’s Candy Sale! He and his sister, Montana, have a family goal of selling a combined total of 1,075 units of candy! They are both doing a fantastic job so far and with their hard work over the past two weekends they have already sold 742 units!

Loen enjoys spending time with his fellow group members. One of his favorite Camp Fire activities is the Paper Challenge which involves building skyscrapers out of paper. By thinking outside of the box, he was able to find an alternate way of building it without the instructions!

He also looks forward to earning new badges with his group and going with them on an end of the year camping trip. The Benson Hill Knowledge Seekers make it their tradition to meet at least twice a month during the summer so they can have some fun in the sun and do things they might not be able to do during the winter months and school year.

Loen has set his goal for 1,000 units so he can attend Camp Sealth, he also looks forward to going on the 500 Seller’s Day Trip again this year!

“Camp Fire is awesome!”

Loen and his sister, Montana!

How You Can Help:

The Camp Fire Candy Sale will run from  January 27th – February 20th, 2017.  Loen and his sister, Montana,  will be out and about in their local communities for the Candy Sale. If you would like to support Loen, Montana or other individual sellers via an online purchase, you can leave a note in the notes section during the checkout process, or you can click the link in your emailed receipt which will take you to a credit page. There you can select a group from the drop down menu or write in an individual seller not found on the list.

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Group Programs:

Starting your own Camp Fire Group  is a great way for youth to learn fun curriculum, provided by Camp Fire, at their Group Meetings. Curriculum based activities include playing games, learning about the outdoors, cooking, science experiments, art projects, community service, and so much more!


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Director of Community Programs
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