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Teen VolunteeringSame Great Programming – New Name!

Summer isn’t the only exciting season at Camp Sealth! During the fall and spring months, camp is a popular destination for both local schools and groups that are looking to recharge, connect with nature and grow closer as a team.  Since the mid-1980’s Sealth has offered schools a facility with many unique and different options for students to experience things that just aren’t possible in the classroom.

Students from all over the Puget Sound region have had the chance for life-changing, hands-on learning through our Environmental Education programs.  In addition to environmental classes, which are designed to be a way for classroom lessons to come to life for students, we have added other programmatic options to ensure we meet the ever-changing needs of schools.  Classes such as outdoor living skills, archery, canoeing, and low ropes/team-building help us offer schools a diverse array of options. – We do so much more than just Environmental Education!

Camp Sealth Outdoor Education Staff

We are excited to announce a shift from Environmental Education to the broader program name of Outdoor Education at Camp Sealth!

Over the last decade many camps across the country have made a similar shift.  We are truly an Outdoor School here at Camp Sealth, and we feel this shift will help reflect our dedication to utilizing everything that Camp Sealth has to offer.  We will still offer our science and environmental classes based on curriculum choices that meet Next Generation Science and Common Core State Standards and will continue to take advantage of our gorgeous waterfront that helps us be a unique option for schools.

The meaning of Outdoor Education really helps lead us to this decision: Outdoor Education is learning “in” and “for” the outdoors.

“When they break away, open up and form new relationships with other peers, they learn compassion, empathy and acceptance.  Away from home, kids discover new ways to belong.  Camp is a really important experience, it’s not just about academics or outdoor education; it’s about the whole child.”   – Kim Hay, Lead Teacher from Tillicum Middle School (15+ year participating school)

Teen Leaders Participating in a Challenge ActivityInterested in Our Outdoor Education Programming for Your School?

Learn more about how our program can help your student’s education by contacting Outdoor Education Manager, Josh Cunningham at or by phone at (206) 463-3174 ext. 34.

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