Girl in pink shirt riding a brown horse

Camp Sealth’s Wrangler horse program consistently sells out year after year. The demand has only continued to increase since the pandemic as it’s one of just a few remaining across the state.

At Wrangler, campers find a close-knit community within the greater community that is Camp Sealth. Campers get to experience the benefits of a unique partnership and bond with their horse throughout the week. Riding and ground lessons help teach our campers communication, responsibility, confidence, and empathy through their time hands-on at the barn.

“There is a great community at Wrangler and I feel more self-confident after my week at camp. The horses make me happy and I learned so much about them and the outdoors!”

Emmaline, Wrangler Camper 2023

In order to meet this ever-growing need, we excitedly launched the Wrangler Improvement Fund earlier this year. Kicking off our efforts, we hosted a homecoming event at Camp Sealth in the spring that welcomed many Wrangler alums and families back to camp. We followed that up with an online auction connecting with alums and supporters across the country.

We have been thrilled with the response from our community as we have raised $42,750 so far! These funds will buy new tack for our herd as well as improve the health & safety of our horses. We hope to raise an additional $60,000 in order to build a new barn with unit space and bathrooms as well as a dedicated stall for horse care and a permanent covered hay barn. We also plan to build new cabins onsite in order to expand our camper capacity.

Join our herd of supporters!

A line of horses with riders are on the beach of Camp Sealth