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Best friends who met in Camp Fire as children, Diana (right) and Carol now volunteer their time leading Tall Timbers Day Camp together.

Tall Timbers Day Camp is a breathtaking, forested enclave amid South King County’s suburban hubbub — a place that Diana Baker cherishes for Camp Fire memories old and new.

As the long-time camp site director, Diana dedicates countless volunteer hours to ensuring that campers have the same remarkable experiences at Tall Timbers that she did when she was young.

“I’ve been participating in Camp Fire since I was in utero — I have a patch from day camp when my mom was pregnant with me,” Diana laughs. “My grandmother was a leader for my mother back in the 1950’s and my son is now a fourth-generation Camp Fire member.”

Fortunately for Camp Fire, which relies on volunteers like Diana and her Tall Timbers team, she’s stayed involved with the camp because of the bonds she’s formed there across generations.

“Tall Timbers is where I met my best friend, Carol Barney. We grew up wanting to be its site director,” Diana says. “When we had the chance to do that as a team, it was a dream come true. We were really excited to continue the traditions we grew up with so kids can have the same great memories we had.”

Tall Timbers Day Camp Staff TeenThank You, Diana!

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