Connecting with Camp Sealth's New Director – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

Omar Malik knew he wanted to be a part of the camping world thanks to seeing the dramatic influence on a child he had mentored.

“Ethan had a tough upbringing and struggled with lots of anger and behavior issues. I had worked with him for over a year at an after-school program but after he went to summer camp for 10 days I saw such a dramatic change in him that I knew I had to be a part of the summer camp magic!”

Omar Malik

Omar joins the Camp Fire team as its new Director of Camping after spending the last ten years in the Bay Area working for the Boys & Girls Club of San Francisco’s residential summer camp, Camp Mendocino.

Omar’s passion for camping stems from his desire to make camps, nature, and outdoor education accessible for all youth, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or circumstance.

He is especially proud of his work with the Yemen immigrant population in San Francisco who at first were extremely hesitant to send their children to overnight camp.

“I worked really hard to forge relationships with them including going out into their neighborhoods and really becoming attuned to their needs. I discovered that their main concerns included ensuring that the food at camp was prepared according to their religious customs and also that their children would have a separate place for their daily prayer at camp. I was able to work with my camp team to seamlessly incorporate their requests and now their children come to camp every year.”

Omar is looking forward to forging similar partnerships with underserved populations at Camp Sealth.

“As we navigate this post-pandemic world that is ever evolving, we have such a great opportunity to make a difference for so many young people and families in need. I am especially excited to help grow Camp Fire’s Equity Action Fund as I see huge potential there in growing our impact.”

Omar lives at Camp Sealth with his wife Gretta, daughter Nadia and their 18-year-old chihuahua, Kiki.

Welcome Omar!