Thank you to all our Camp Fire groups that participated in our opening weekend sales. With your participation we are able to guarantee that Camp Fire receives extra discounts from our candy suppliers which makes the money you help Camp Fire earn go even farther. To qualify each of these groups turned enough money to average 30 units per seller. So Camp Fire would like to recognized all the groups that qualified.

  •  Natapillar
  • Benson Hill Knowledge Seekers
  • Sunny Fire Lions
  • Rainbow Hedgehogs
  • Robot Camperz
  • Shinning Stars
  • Tinker Fairies
  • FuGaFriPin
  • Blue Hearts and Star Brights
  • Wild Lily Explorers
  • Shooting Stars
  • Sunflowers
  • Ballard Birds
  • Issaquah CFC
  • Dolphins
  • Starlights

The winners of the drawing  for the $150 check:

  • FuGaFriPin

Winning Gift Cards are:

  • Issaquah Community Family Club (Most money turned in)
  • Blue Hearts and Star Brights (2nd most money turned in)
  • Tinker Fairies (Highest average per seller)
  • Shooting Stars (2nd highest average per seller)


Thanks again to all our sellers and adult volunteers.