Coming Together for a Weekend of Work and Play! – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound
Thank you volunteers!
Camp Sealth is looking great thanks to our hard working Service Weekend volunteers!

A Huge ‘Thank You’ to Our Amazing Volunteers!

We recently welcomed nearly 40 incredible volunteers out to Camp Sealth for our annual fall Service Weekend!  Attendees included Camp Fire Group members, alumni, campers, parents and staff! They spent the weekend making new friends, enjoying the beauty that is Camp Sealth in the fall and completing some much needed projects around camp.

After a hard day of work, volunteers  were treated to some incredible evening activities that revolved around this year’s National Art Experience Theme: Painting! These activities included: Exploring primary and secondary colors by experimenting with different combinations of paint, trying different painting techniques by using sponges and blowing through straws, as well as painting their own masterpieces on ceramic tile!

We Accomplished a Lot in Just One Weekend!

Volunteers were able to completely winterize Camp Sealth’s garden including harvesting last year’s vegetables, turning the soil, pruning the roses and they made a huge dent weeding! They also chopped a whole flatbed of wood that is now ready to dry out over the winter months and will be ready to use next spring and summer!

Rounds Hall has been deep cleaned, swept and mopped in preparation for a future coat of paint. The hay tent has been washed down and dismantled for the season’s end.  We even improved drainage on over half of the Camp Sealth road by clearing out ditches of leaves!

Lastly, this amazing group helped screen print and cut out 100’s of patches for next year’s summer campers, including Polar Bears, Road Runners and more!

Interested in Volunteering?

We could always use a helping hand! Check out our volunteer opportunities and come meet some new friends!