We’re so excited to be announcing our weekly themes for our 2022 summer sessions at Camp Sealth! Each week both our overnight and day camp staff will incorporate the theme into daily activities, all camp events, meals and more! Participation in the theme is always optional, however, we encourage our campers to bring any costumes or accessories they have related to their week’s theme – Camp also has many costumes to borrow!

Session 1: Dinosaur Week July 3-8

Get ready for a DINO-mite week at camp! Journey back to a land-before -time & party like it’s 145 million BCE! It’s dinosaur week, what more can we say?! Visit our real-live dinosaur descendants (the camp chickens!), search for fossils, share your best T-rex call. We’re traveling back in time for the adventure of the summer.

Session 2: Medieval, Myths, and Magic Week July 10-15

Whether you’re a Greek God, a warlock, or a witch (oh my!) – join us for a magical week of camp. It’s sure to be a SPELLBINDING experience! Whether you want to dress up as a princess, cast a spell with your friends, or you’re more likely to be found at Shrek’s swamp, this week will be all things fairytale.

Session 3: World Cup/ Camp Olympics July 17-22

This week is a score for all you sport fans out there! Represent some of this year’s countries in the World Cup and go for the gold with your own cabin group! Your cabin will compete all week in a friendly “camp”-etition to see which country will bring home the gold!

Session 4: Under the Sea Week July 24-29

It’s o-FISH-al: you never know what type of aquatic life you’ll run into when you’re under-the-sea! Mermaids, pirates, and deep-sea divers welcome. This is the perfect week to dress up as your favorite sea creature, play on the beach, or live like a pirate. This week is all about the ocean and everything in it: pirates, mermaids, and more! Come prepared to help your cabin solve Captain Wigglebottom’s Hidden Challenge.

Session 5: Where the Wild Things Are August 2-5

Get ready for the wild rumpus to start! Join members of the animal kingdom for a wild week of fun. Just be on the lookout for any monkey business! This week is for all our favorite characters! You’ll have a chance to dress up as your favorite book, movie, or cartoon character and get creative!

Session 6: Space is the Place August 7-12

This camp session is about to be out-of-this-world! Travel to infinity-and-beyond through the constellations all in time to make it back to planet Earth by the end of the week!  Campers may dress up as an alien or astronaut, attend Jedi Training, learn about astronomy, and see if you would survive an alien invasion!

Session 7: Wild, Wild West August 14-19

Howdy partner! Mount up and get ready to ride into the west of the past! Cowboy hats optional, not required. Bring your cowboy hat and flannel because this week will be a rootin’ tootin’ good time. Dive into the world of horses, ranchers, and gold this week. We’ll have events and themed meals centered on the Wild Wild West, plus a special Hoedown up at Wrangler where campers can witness life with horses firsthand!

Session 8: Camp Stealth August 21-26

I spy with my little eye, an exciting week full of mystery and intrigue!The only thing that isn’t a mystery, is the fun and friendship made along the way! Calling all spies and mystery enthusiasts, this week is for you! Solve a mystery with your friends, attend spy training, and see if you have what it takes to be a secret agent, Camp Sealth is counting on you! We are all on a mission to make this the best week of your summer!

P.s. We’re seeking costume donations!

Do you have lightly used costumes, formal wear, or accessories that need a home where they will be a part of fashion shows, photoshoots, campfire skits, and camp events? Reach out to us at campstaff@campfireseattle.org and we can coordinate a time and place for you to drop off!  (please no shoes, weapons, or fragile items)