Camp Sealth would like to give out a heartfelt thank you to one of our community donors.
Island Hardware and Lumber
Thanks to Island Hardware and Lumber, the 5 horses in our Fall/Spring herd now have their very own Weatherbeeta blankets to keep them cozy and dry from the elements, and after last night’s downpour, they have been rain-tested and horse approved!

Ozone (left) and Little Red (right) successfully show-off their new waterproof wear.
This upcoming Sunday is our last horse workshop for the season!
We’ll be looking forward to the return of your favorites:
Hampton, Benny, Little Red, Becky, and Ozone in the Spring of 2013!
If you’re looking for a way to stay involved with horses, or support out programs, we are still looking for care lease homes for two of our horses, Ozone and Little Red. Care leasing is a great opportunity for anyone considering horse ownership, but looking for a trial period or test-run. Our horses are kid-tested and our staff can offer support through the process. Interested in learning more? Click here.
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