Camp Sealth Welcomes AmeriCorps NCCC Team Bluno – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

We’re very excited this week to welcome the Blue One team from the Sacramento campus of AmeriCorps NCCC. Blue One, or “Bluno”, arrived Tuesday evening with 10 Corps Members and their team leader Jim.

AmeriCorps NCCC (National Civilian Community Corps) is a team-based community service program. Corps Members serve for 10 months, traveling to different sites around the U.S. to provide direct service to non-profit organizations, schools and government and tribal agencies. The AmeriCorps website has more information about NCCC.

Bluno will be living at Camp Sealth until the end of January (except for a holiday break at the end of December), working on improving camp through a number of different projects:

-Several trails, including YVC/Hilltop, Sylvan, Kiwanis and Bluberry Trails, will get reinforcement on switchbacks, new/replaced stairs and boardwalk, waterbars, drainage ditches, and widening at some points.
-Construction of two new campsites, including a log shelter at one of the sites, and building permanent fire pits at some existing campsites.
-Take out all sections of floating docks, scrape and clean the undersides.
-Tear out old canoe storage racks and build new ones.

The Team:
The 11 members of Bluno are from around the United States. They’ve been training in Sacramento for the past several weeks, and Camp Sealth is their first major project. They are:

Team Leader: Jim, Germantown, WI
Corps Member: Charlotte, Philadelphia, PA
Corps Member: Kim D., Phoenix, AZ
Corps Member: Erinne, S. Bend, IN
Corps Member: Kim H., Fairfield, CT
Corps Member: Lacey, Rochester, NY
Corps Member: Ethan, Boston & Chicago
Corps Member: Maggie, Tallahassee, FL
Corps Member: Noemi, Port St. Lucie, FL
Corps Member: Steve, Duluth, MN
Corps Member: Samuel, Florence, SC

We’re very excited to be working with this team – they have a lot of energy and are ready to get to work! Welcome, Bluno!