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Working at Camp is a Real Job – Develop Skills & Build Your Resume this Summer!

Porch singing and public speaking teach voice projection, group management, and improv skills

Bet you never thought you could get paid to both explore in the outdoors and mold young minds? How about paid to learn how to fire build, develop teams, and mediate conflict? Have you thought about taking on your first supervisory role, with paid training and mentorship? Camp is more than just making s’mores, tie-dying, and making sure campers put on sunscreen [though those are an important piece!] Camp has so many transferable skills to build your resume in a way that will make you stand out when it comes to the next step in your career. 

There are the tangible, hard skills you’ll learn in a camp job…

Jump right into your camp experience with plenty of training in all the things you need to know! Whether at one of our Seattle area day camps, or working our day & overnight camps at Camp Sealth, you’ll build your skills in all things related to kids! We spend time providing training on supervision, group dynamics, and basic care for our campers. Activity instructors [Program Specialists] are provided training and certification in archery from USAA, site-specific certification on our low-ropes course, and outdoor education instruction on Forest & Wetlands, Marine Ecology, and outdoor living skills. Kitchen and support staff gain experience in food preparation and storage, commercial kitchen management, and small-scale retail and cashiering.

Many of our jobs require hard skills and training all provided by camp: tie-dying, outdoor living skills, marine or environmental science, archery, canoeing, and more!

What else? GAMES! SONGS! …and all sorts of instant programming. You’ll leave camp with an arsenal of catchy camp songs, riddles to pass time, and games you can pull out of thin air for the next time you need to entertain a group.

Camp provides the opportunity to get paid to have fun, gain certifications, and grow your skillset for anyone that may be pursuing careers in teaching, special education, experiential education, restaurants or culinary arts, environmental science, and more.  These takeaways can help you bring some new ability to your next adventure, but as they say, “…but wait! There’s more!”


Even better, there are the people skills you’ll learn from a camp job…

Better than perfecting the perfect pie-iron-pizza, or knowing all the words to “Rattlin’ Bog”,  is the wide range of professional qualities you’ll grow working at a camp for the summer.  Working at camp builds 21st-century job skills to prepare you to be successful in whatever your career path may be! Have you ever considered that you will grow in a whole range of ways?

Working with kids teaches creativity, patience, and empathy.

Camp Staff develop skills in:

  • Communication, counseling, and leadership
  • Responsibility and work ethic
  • Collaboration, team building, and conflict resolution
  • Empathy, humor, and active listening
  • Activity planning and follow-through
  • Organization, time management, and program administration

Have you thought about how you’ll put it on your resume?

Not sold yet? Even better we can show you what it could look like on your own resume! Our own summer director team put together a handy cheat sheet to structure your resume when you work at camp. Snag some tips and examples on how to translate your job description and responsibilities from camp to your next career: whether it be in communications, business, tech, education, or the outdoor recreation field.

Download the Camp Resume Guide!

Still on the fence?

Teamwork makes the dream work! Learn how to delegate tasks, check in on shared projects, manage time and groups of small campers, or plan a new activity.

We want YOU, your incredible self, to join our team and help create a magical space of growth and belonging this summer

You can always join us for a camp job information night if you’re still deciding if camp is the best fit for you this summer! Ask one of our director team about positions available, learn more about schedules, pay, meals and training. You can also check out this handy blog that shares 10 more reasons that you should work at camp this summer. If you’d like to speak one-on-one to someone from our hiring team, then fill out the form here to sign up, and someone will reach out to schedule a phone call, zoom, or in-person meet-up.

We’re hiring at both overnight and day camps!

Opportunities include:

  • Direct service/counselor roles
  • Behind-the-scenes support and kitchen jobs
  • Teaching and activity Instructors
  • Supervisory roles and camp leadership

We’re happy to help answer questions about working for Camp Sealth & Camp Fire!

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