Camp Fire Candy Sales: The Final Season – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

Camp Fire Central Puget Sound has been proud to have been selling Camp Fire Mints since 1958 in partnership with Brown & Haley, and after celebrating 66 years of candy sales – which started with the sole candy of Creamy Smooth Mint Patties – we are sad to announce the conclusion of this partnership.  

Due to production limitations at Brown & Haley, they are no longer providing products for non-profit sales and fundraisers. While we are very sad to see this legacy ending, we are excited to let everyone know that our candy sale will be carrying on! You can read more details from Brown & Haley and Camp Fire National here!

While 2025 will be the last year where we have our legacy products (Mint Patties, Almond Roca, Almond Caramel Clusters) available – we are excited to be celebrating such a long-lasting partnership that has been a part of so many lives over the decades by re-opening our online store for everyone to be able to order all remaining 2024 inventory of Camp Fire Mint Patties.  

Camp Fire Central Puget Sound has been fortunate to secure 150 cases of this year’s production of Camp Fire Mint Patties in the Camp Fire box – and for the next month or so are reopening our online store to sell the last of our stock of Mint Patties in a Camp Fire box.

We are using this opportunity as a special fundraiser to raise enough funds to support the creation of 10 new Camp Fire groups this Fall. Because of this purpose as well as the added cost of re-opening candy sales we will be selling the mints for $7.50 per box. 

We hope to make as many of these candies available to our community as possible as you join us in celebrating the legacy and contributions of the Camp Fire Candy Sale over the years. The proceeds will continue to go back into our youth programs, supporting clubs, activities, and events throughout the year.  

 Celebrating the Legacy 

While the history of Camp Fire is long and complicated (and at times disputed) – the general timeline remains the same, and it was around 1950 that Brown & Haley became the first candy supplier to Camp Fire National. Before that, Camp Fire Seattle youth sold doughnuts and daffodils.  

From 1958 onwards, the Seattle Area and entire country enjoyed selling, buying, and eating Camp Fire Candy from Brown and Haley (and will continue to until 2025!).  

FUN FACT! Did you know that Elvis Presley himself was a fan of Camp Fire Candy, purchasing 20 boxes in 1957 during the filming of “Loving You”  

These memories and the impact of Camp Fire and the Annual Candy Sale will last beyond our lifetimes, and it is often at the end of things that we are reminded just how valuable each of those moments are. While we work on moving forward with renewed options, we not only value the future opportunities, but the past as well, and want to honor and thank every Camp Fire member, leader, volunteer, and staff member who has been a part of creating them, and thank Brown & Haley for being the partner that made it happen.   

Looking Ahead: What Comes Next 

With the end of an era approaching, the second question everyone is asking is “What will we do now?” – and we are excited to let you know that we are looking into several options for the future! First and foremost, we are working on finding a new partner who will be able to recreate the beloved Mint Patties that have held our hearts (and filled our stomachs) for generations. With this new partner, we hope to recreate our familiar recipe, and bring Mint Patties back bigger and better than before!  

While there will be more updates to come (and opportunities to chime in on our future candy selections), we want to take one last moment to remind everyone that Camp Fire Mint Patties are still available to purchase from our online store here!

And in 2025 the classic candies you know and love will still be available, although not in the packaging you may be familiar with. Rest assured, while the packaging has changed in 2025, the contents remain the same, and we hope with this new packaging it will be easier than ever to purchase, carry, and ship your treats home! 

Questions, Concerns, and Feedback 

We know this is a big change that will have an impact on every member of our community – and there are still questions that remain unanswered, even to us. Current Camp Fire club members and leaders will receive additional updates as we have them, and as we learn additional information we will be sharing on our social media channels and on our e-newsletter (which you can subscribe to here!).

If any of your specific questions go unanswered in the months to come, please let us know using the contact form here, and we will do our best to reply as soon as we can!