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When the Golden Griffins call their Camp Fire group to order, eight children scamper into a circle, sitting on Anne Goldstein’s living room floor and sing Boom Chicka Boom. After another song or two, they launch into the topic of the day: bugs.

Outside, they throw a sheet under a bush, give it a shake, then use their magnifying glasses to check out all the aphids, ants and other insects they’ve gathered up. Back inside Anne’s house, they turn thumbprints into works of bug art, drawing legs and eyes and antennae.

Another day, they take a field trip to Rattlesnake Lake, where they go on a litter hike and clean up the beach.

“The kids really got into it! We talked about how helping the environment helps the community, how people enjoy the lake more when it’s clean. They wanted to pick up as much as possible.”                 – Anne, Group Leader

The Golden Griffins have been meeting as a Camp Fire group for three years now. Anne loves that each of her three of her children — 6-year-old Ben and daughters, Tesla, 8 and Abby, 4 — can be part of the same group.

Their favorite group project year after year: sending hand-made Valentine’s Day cards to veterans.

Whether they’re Little Stars (age 3-5) or StarFlights (age 5-8), these Camp Fire kids are learning to be active, healthy and engaged members of their community. They’re exploring new ways to steward our earth’s natural resources. They’re developing empathy and compassion as they learn to help others.

They’re becoming tomorrow’s leaders, today.

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