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Camp Fire was excited to visit some of our Day Camps this summer to lead fun group activities from our Camp Fire Group Program curriculum ! Our curriculum features five trails: Trail to Knowing Me, Trail to Family and Community, Trail to Creativity, Trail to the Environment and Trail to the Future. These trails are sets of projects that our youth can complete in order to earn emblems and beads as they work through each level in Camp Fire. Each Trail is designed to be entertaining, informative, and challenging to the designated age group and program level.

Learning Valuable Life Skills

We had a great time teaching campers skills that will help them create bright futures for themselves and the world! At Tall Timbers, campers learned the importance of healthy food choices and physical activity. Campers at Horizon had a blast making bubbles with recycled materials!  Both of these activities reflect Camp Fire’s Trail to the Future curriculum by giving each camper valuable life skills. Trail to the Future also teaches the importance of teamwork, good sportsmanship, physical activity, cooking, physical sciences and more!

Bubble craftActivities

Campers at Tall Timbers went back in time to the Middle Ages for their activity! We challenged campers to work together and create a food pyramid reflecting what they thought people from the Middle Ages ate. After they had completed their pyramid, we discussed their answers and made the changes needed to perfect the pyramid. We asked campers whether they felt people in the Middle Ages had a healthy balanced diet and what healthy changes they could have made. Campers then repeated the food pyramid activity, but this time for the current average American diet. They got this spot on, listing foods such as junk food and meat as the most consumed. We discussed how we could better improve our diets and brainstormed a few healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner options they could make! Lastly, we paired the importance of healthy foods with exercises by running a fun relay race!

At Horizon we had a great time creating bubbles in a new way! Campers learned how they can help the environment by reusing and recycling  everyday household items. For this activity, we encouraged campers to try and make bubble wands out of empty water bottles. After we popped some bubbles, we brainstormed as a group what other everyday items we could re-purpose!

Practice Makes Perfect

By participating in Trail to the Future activities in Camp Fire Group Programs, campers will get a great head start on their futures by developing numerous mental and physical skills that will be needed. Other actives related to this trail include entering a community or school science fair, practice sportsmanship by playing in a sports tournament and teaching others how to play a game or sport.

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