Black Outdoor Leaders That Inspire Us – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

February is Black History Month and we wanted to take the time to shout out some notable figures in the outdoor community working hard to promote an inclusive environment.


Teresa Baker

Teresa Baker is the founder of The Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge, which encourages leaders of the outdoor industry to increase representation and inclusion of people of color. Teresa hopes to move the outdoor industry towards authentic inclusion by creating one-on-one relationships between outdoor brands and inclusion advocates to increase representation for people of color.

Justin Forrest Parks

Justin Forrest Parks created the Instagram and website Sending In Color to promote diversity in Chicago’s climbing scene. Along with welcoming and inspiring followers of his social media to take action to combat racism and promote inclusivity in climbing. Justin has created a comprehensive document of articles, podcasts, books, movies, petitions to sign, representatives to contact, and so much more to support the momentum going.

Danielle Williams

Danielle Williams founded the blog and activism site Melanin Base Camp. She created this sire to increase ethnic minority and LGBTQ+ participation in the outdoors. She has created a safe place for people of marginalized identities to talk about sensitive topics and find resources to participate in outdoor activities. She also created one of the most complete guides to have white people can be effective allies in this movement.

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