On Saturday, November 3rd, teens from across the region will gather for the Teen Leadership Summit in Seattle. The Summit is a day-long conference-style event that’s designed to equip teens for their years ahead, and introduce them to future opportunities with Camp Fire! This event is open to all teens in grades 9-12, no experience in Camp Fire is required!

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Workshop Highlights:

Do you have lofty goals for the coming school year? Are you looking to learn more about who you are? Do you want to keep that positive upbeat attitude throughout the school year and become a leader you know you can be? At the Summit, we will explore how to accomplish these goals!

Mindset Management & Fighting Negativity

Teens will get a better understanding of how their own mindset and negativity can create more barriers to a situation they are trying to overcome. After this workshop, they will leave with tips and strategies on how to calm their mind, so they can process a situation in a clearer light.

Communications & Teambuilding

With a communication quiz and a teambuilding exercise, teens will get a better sense of how to work with others who have different communication and learning styles from their own. They’ll also be able to better understand their own communication styles!

Goal Setting

Our last touching point at the Summit will be goal setting! Teens will spend time learning how to set a goal, which goals are feasible, as well as the process of keeping themselves on track to meet those goals. By the end of the day, teens will have their future goals on sight and ready to tackle the school year!

We Hope You Can Join Us, Teens!

Come prepared to get real with yourself! This will be an introspective journey that will shed light onto the remarkable capabilities you have as a teen leader. Take ownership in your leadership development. Leave changed.

“Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple, and it is also that difficult.”

Warren G. Bennis

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