At-Home Activities #2 – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

We hope that you are all staying safe and healthy. As our Executive Director recently shared, we encourage you to use this time to connect to each other and hope you find joy in getting active and learning new things together!!  We would love to see photos of what you create! Tag us on social media or email Alex at and Ali at!

This fun and easy experiment helps youth learn about the concept of density. By layering different solutions of colored sugar water, this activity is not only visually intriguing, but introduces youth to a scientific concept they observe every day. For this activity you’ll need, water, sugar, food coloring, 5 clear cups, and a pipette or straw.

Density Experiment

Does your household have more toilet paper or canned food that usual? If you’ve gone through some rolls of TP or eaten some servings of canned beans, this grouping of activities will give you some fun ways to recycle your TP tubes and tin cans! Craft projects range from making wind chimes out of can lids to villages constructed from toilet paper rolls.

TP Tubes & Tin Can Crafts

Watch Alex’s easy-to-follow video tutorial on how to make your own moon sand! Using few ingredients that you most likely already have on-hand, this alternative to traditional sand is convenient and tons of fun to play with! Try adding food coloring to dye your sand.


Social distancing is one form of community service, but try doubling-down and doing some more volunteer work from home! Check out Camp Fire’s list of suggested service ideas you can do at home or online. Included in our list are small ways you can be kind to the earth and help those especially vulnerable to the pandemic.

Service from Home (Zip File)

Additional At-Home Activities

Here are some more at-home activities that the whole family can enjoy!

Additional Activities

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