At-Home Activities #1 – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

We hope that you are all staying safe and healthy. As our Executive Director recently shared, we encourage you to use this time to connect to each other and hope you find joy in getting active and learning new things together!!  We would love to see photos of what you create! Tag us on social media or email Alex at and Ali at!

Do you have an old white T-shirt that needs to be upcycled? Are there extra white rags lying around that need some love? If so, try revamping them through the natural dyeing process!

Utilize vegetable scraps from your evening dinners, use some berries that are a little past their prime, or collect some acorns from the backyard and turn them into fabric dye using Camp Fire’s Natural Dyeing lesson!

Full Natural Dyeing Lesson


In this activity, participants will get to watch a potato grow right before their eyes! Youth will grow a potato in a jar while keeping track on the growth it makes over the course of a few weeks. This is a great long term project that older youth can make into more of a science experiment by growing multiple potatoes in different environments! Maximize your potato supply by following our Sprouting a Potato activity!

Sprouting a Potato Activity


Take advantage of all this time spent at home by exploring the nature closest to you! This lesson features a game of Backyard Bingo and a review of simple ecosystem services concepts. Complete the Backyard Ecosystem Services lesson and explore the many benefits your own backyard or the neighborhood park provides.

Backyard Ecosystem Services Lesson


In this activity, participants will map out a floor of their home and create a legend to show all the different aspects. Older participants will use a measuring tape to create a to-scale blueprint of their house! Youth can learn how all buildings have blueprints and measurements are very important! Explore the science and art of cartography with our Map Making activity

Map Making Activity

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