Another NCCC Crew Hits the Road – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

These last several weeks at Camp Sealth, we have been lucky enough to host an Americorps team. With all the damage done by winter storms this year, we were sorely in need of some help getting the trails cleaned up around camp. With the help of staff members Steve, Chad, Eric, and Martin, our latest team worked hard for three weeks getting us back in shape for the spring.

Early in their tenure at camp, the Blue One team (or “Bluno,” a designation you might recall from a team we had around this time last year) pulled our docks out of the water to give them a good scrubbing down. A full year of seaweed, algae, barnacles, and other such delicacies clung to the bottoms, but Bluno made short work of it. The docks are now clean and fresh, awaiting another summer of campers to inhabit them.

Pictured above are several NCCC, or National Civilian Community Corps members, along with Camp Sealth staff Eric. NCCC is a branch of Americorps that puts together teams of 8-12 enthusiastic workers who volunteer their time for a 10-month stretch. Usually terms last 6-8 weeks, but Bluno’s schedule had them here for only three! In that time, however, they got quite a bit of work done. Above, they are helping to clear up Blueberry Hill, which has been struggling with invasive plant species as of late. Thanks to their help, BBH and the plateau above Birdcage are freed of troublesome plant life. In addition to the work pictured above, the team widened and cleared miles of trail around camp. The Heaven trail, parts of South Rim, and much of Milky Way trail are now without the downed trees and undergrowth obstructing their paths. Hikers, runners, and riders will look forward to clear trails this summer!

Of course, all work and no play makes NCCC a dull team! Here we have several team members joking around while emptying a wheelbarrow full of sticks, branches and weeds. The leftover undergrowth and invasive plants were piled up near Milky Way as the team continued their efforts, with the idea that the natural waste would be burned. In a celebration on Friday, everyone in camp got together for the burn pile. The NCCC members enjoyed roasting hot dogs and marshmallows after their hard work, and were joined by the appreciative camp staff.

Finally, enjoy this picture of team leader Lauren getting ready to get to work! The smiling face and great attitude shown here were characteristics shared by all of Bluno. We all had fun working and playing with this most recent NCCC team, and we wish them well along their way. Thanks to Chris, Tiffany, Eric, Sam, Lauren, Katherine, Noor, Alex, Erin, Kristen, and Danielle. Good luck and happy trails!