All About NCCC Silver 1 – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound
We’re excited to be hosting our first Americorps NCCC team of 2012!
A few fun facts about Silver 1: 
– All but one of the crew hails from east of the Mississippi.
– Their team mascot is a cookie cutter named Roy.
– With three team members at the upper age limit, they are one of the oldest teams in NCCC history.
– They are accomplished cooks – last week they hosted a potluck and wowed us with their taco soup.

Team lead Michelle scraping mussels off of the swim dock

Silver 1 is well into their 8-week stay at Camp Sealth, and they’ve been working hard, cleaning up after our winter storm, building trails, and much more – including installing Wrangler’s brand new fence just in time for spring horse workshops!  Stay tuned for more on their service projects and culinary adventures.