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rock paintingTrail to Creativity at Horizon

Camp Fire was excited to visit some of our Day Camps this summer to lead fun group activities from our Camp Fire Group Program curriculum! Our curriculum features five trails: Trail to Knowing Me, Trail to Family and Community, Trail to Creativity, Trail to the Environment and Trail to the Future. These trails are sets of projects that our youth can complete in order to earn emblems and beads as they work through each level in Camp Fire. Each Trail is designed to be entertaining, informative, and challenging to the designated age group and program level.

Nature and Art

Horizon campers were able to express and strengthen their creativity skills with an awesome rock painting activity! Rock painting is a great example of the type of activities that can be found in the Trail to Creativity curriculum, which focuses on the concept of self-expression through the arts.

rock paintingRock Painting Activity

Campers were asked to put on their adventure hats on before setting out to explore their natural surroundings in the search of cool rocks! Once everyone found their favorite rock, they were encouraged to stretch their imaginations and draw whatever came to mind. Some drew their favorite animals or flowers and others even came up with a unique design of their own. Many were so inspired that they painted multiple rocks!

Time to get Creative!

By participating in Trail to Creativity activities in Camp Fire Group Programs, campers are able to express their creativity through imagination, arts and hands-on projects. Other activities related to this trail include painting a picture using a sponge instead of a brush, learning about photography and sending a photo to a friend and learning different sewing techniques. These are just some of the fun and educational activities campers can participate in to earn their emblems and beads!

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