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Meet the Camp Sealth Summer Leadership Team!

Summer ACDs

Our awesome Summer Leadership Team out at Camp Sealth are busy meeting campers, planning events, answering questions, taking care of horses, plunging toilets, singing songs, filing paperwork, and running all over our 400 acre property to keep camp up and running! This week our Session 3 theme is World Holidays, and our summer leaders have gotten into the spirit of the holidays! Read on to meet these wonderful staff and be sure to check out all of our Camp Sealth Featured Staff this summer!

Carrie K Staff PhotoCarrie Kishline, “Carebear”

Carrie, otherwise known as “Carebear”, has more than ten years experience working at Camp Sealth and attended camp as a child and counselor and is part of our year-round Camp Fire team as the Summer Camp Director at Camp Sealth. Her past roles have included many of the Camp Sealth staples, including Kitchen Assistant and Rover, Counselor, Unit Leader, Program Manager, and more.

She lives at camp with her husband, son and two cats, Aine and Camp Cat, and enjoys spending time at camp with her younger brother Peter who has special needs. Carrie “loves seeing kids grow and watching them become stronger, more compassionate and more capable versions of themselves. Everyday, I’m amazed that I get to be a part of that transformation.”

BurroMeaghan Baumgartner, “Burro”

Burro has been attending Camp Sealth for 11 years! Aside from being on the summer leadership team, she is also part of our Camp Fire team year round as the Environmental Education and Retreats Program Manager. In the past she has been a Riding Coordinator, EE Instructor and Assistant Camp Director.

Burro’s favorite part about Camp Sealth is that kids are given the opportunity to challenge themselves and are given a positive outdoor experience. She says her hope is that they will take that positive and confident outlook and take it into their own communities. She also loves the horses at camp! Some of Burro’s other favorite things include hiking the North Rim Trail behind Wrangler, Aqua Luca, Last Day Waffles and singing Longjohns and Purple Lights.

Nimbus 2000Kayley Luhrs, “Nimbus 2000”

Nimbus 2000 is back for her second year at Camp Sealth as an Assistant Camp Director! In 2010 she started out as a Horizon Counselor and since then she has held a few positions at other Camp Fire camps, including time spent as a lifeguard, waterfront coordinator, CIT coordinator, EE instructor and more. She is excited to be back at Camp Sealth this summer as a member of the leadership team!

Her favorite part about working at Camp Sealth is experiencing the magic that it creates year after year and no matter how long she has been away, it always feels like she is going home. Some of Nimbus 2K’s favorites at camp are singing Darlin’ Won’t You Wait, making arts and crafts, hiking on the Trail to Heaven and playing Animal Noises!

WawaKate Taylor, “Wawa”

This will be Wawa’s second year as an Assistant Camp Director at Camp Sealth! At her previous camp, she worked as the Head of Archery, Head of Canoeing, Senior Unit Head, Staff Coordinator, and CIT Coordinator over a period of 10 years! During the off seasons she has also worked at a daycare and an after school program.

Wawa’s favorite part about working at Camp Sealth is the people she gets to work with. She loves those who love summer camp and she always looks forward to working with them year after year. Wawa’s other camp favorites are singing The Camp Song by Peter Katz, archery, canoeing and the challenge of hiking Blueberry Hill!

Steve B Staff PhotoSteve Baumgartner, “Crash”

Crash is back at Camp Sealth for his third summer as an Assistant Camp Director! He has been attending Camp Sealth for 7 years and has been a Counselor, Waterfront Specialist, Kiwanis Unit Leader and Waterfront Coordinator.

Over the years, Crash has discovered that his favorite part about Camp Sealth is seeing how much kids grow in just one week of camp! He also enjoys waffles and bacon for breakfast, singing We’re Out At Camp Sealth, sports in the orchard, hiking the Blueberry Hill Trail and any activity in the waterfront.

Thank You Leadership Team!

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