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Our Top Reasons to Attend the Group and Family Campout

We are so excited to be hosting our Group and Family Campout at Kanaskat-Palmer State Park, this May 18th – 19th! This is a very beautiful and beloved park located in a lush forest setting along the Green River in Ravensdale, King County. This is a great opportunity for families to brush up on their camping skills, or learn the basics from the ground up! All ages and experience levels are welcome, and no experience in Camp Fire is necessary!

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Gain Confidence in a Supportive Environment!

We’ll be learning handy outdoor skills such as orienting with a compass, fire-building, cooking over a campfire, knot-tying, and more! Whether you are a first-time camper or you’re out in the woods every weekend, you’ll have a blast learning new skills or brushing up on them! Not only that, but we’ll be learning about the park’s ecosystem, including plant life and wildlife. By the time we wrap up for the weekend, you will be eager and able to plan your next group camping trip with ease!

Get Out and Get Active

After a long winter, we can’t wait to get out and get moving! With the parks great location along the Green River and it’s many hiking trails, we’ll gear up for a scenic group hike as we enjoy the sites and sounds of the surrounding forest. We’ll also get active by playing some games that will help us practice all of the skills we’ll be learning throughout the weekend.

Make New Bonds and Strengthen Existing Ones

Spending time in the great outdoors is great, but it’s even more enjoyable when you are surrounded by spectacular people to share the experience with. You’ll have plenty of chances for families to bond with one another, and to forge to friendships!

Earn a Camping Emblem!

By attending the Group Campout, you’ll earn the Outdoor Adventures emblem. This emblem will serve as a token and a reminder of your accomplishments over the weekend!

We Hope You Can Join Us!

Registration for the Group and Family Campout is open!

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our Program Coordinator:

Ali Fuller
(206) 826-8980